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  • How to apply tattoo

    1.Choose a stencil with your preferred design. If you are a beginner, we suggest you practice on the practice skin provided in our tattoo kits.

    2.Transfer the stencil onto the area of skin you wish to apply the tattoo to. Use the oil lubricant for ease of transfer.

    3.Apply the scar prevention cream over the skin thought the tattoo application process.

    4.Lining: Use the high quality liner tattoo machine to create all the lines in your tattoo design.

    5...Shading and coloring: Fill in your design with the high quality shader tattoo machine provided in our tattoo kits.

    6.Once lining and shading has been applied, apply the scar prevention cream onto the skin again.

    7.We advise you to cover the freshly tattooed area with plastic film to protect the area from dust and to prevent infection.

    8.About three hours after applying the tattoo, clean the tattooed area with lukewarm water. After washing, dry the skin with a clean towel. Wait until the tattoo is dry and apply the scar prevention cream again.

    9.Normally, tattooed skin will recover in approximately a week’s time. It is recommended that the tattooed skin be protected even after healing is evident.




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