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      • RC (remote control) Tugboat is a really fantastic remote control boat. This boat has it all including a working crane and a real water shooting cannon! Time for some real deal Tugboat action with this great RC Tugboat. It measures about 2 feet long. It is sure to provide fun for the entire family and RC boat lovers of all ages. This remote control Tugboat is loads of fun! The tug boat comes with a 3-channel radio control with 7 driving functions -- forward-left-right and also squirt the water using the controller! The Tugboat even has a working light and a crane for lowering and raising the life boat! This tugboat is very detailed and realistic.

        Still want more? Order today and we will include batteries for the remote control, rechargeable battery pack, and charger. Comes assembled and ready to play with.

        What's more fun than 1 RC Tugboat? 2 RC Tugboats of course! Order 2 of these RC boats today and we will send separate frequencies for the remote controls for dual RC Tug boat fun.


        Full function radio controlled including waterhose squirt function

        Professional large torsion propeller system

        Highly detailed

        Super balance

        Glossy exterior paint

        Vector-push design, easy to control

        Boat display stand

        Range: 500 Feet (150 meters)

        100% Durable metal actuating mechanism

        Factory assembled and ready to use

        9.6V High capacity rechargeable battery (average runtime 15-20 min.)

        Dimensions: 24L x 10W x 18H Inches


        RC Boat

        Rechargeable battery with charger and adapter for boat

        RC Controller with 9V battery

        Boat stand

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